Get the Most Out Of The Big Apple

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New York City has always used at its advantage its geography. Throughout history it surpassed Philadelphia as the nation’s principal port not because of the superiority of its people, but due to the grandeur of its harbor, and its unparalleled access to the Hudson River to the rich cultural lands to the west.

The city’s natural setting was a blessing occasionally mentioned in a sermon or patriotic address but there was little knowledge of geology or of the processes which had led to the formation of the material upon which the city’s streets and buildings were built.

The main historical question remain: why did the Dutch come in the first place? In the 15th century, the European trading and mercantile powers extended their economic interest over much of the globe.

The hope of finding gold, the great commercial value of the sugar produced on the Cape Verde islands, and the slave trade were powerful reasons to entertain maritime activities, especially after the conquistador Hernando Cortez encountered the Aztec empire in Mexico in 1519.

And after the Spanish, merchants in northern Europe were determined to muscle their way into this lucrative trade. After the accession of Philip II of spain as a ruler of the 17 provinces of the Netherlands in 1555, the revolt again the Spanish rule was directed to undermine the Spanish economic interests in the world.

The defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 sharpened the enthusiasm of the Protestant powers for the task of supplanting the Spanish in the new World. And several years later the English Crown gave to the Virginia Company a charter that virtually included the whole territory of North America.

In a city with such history, it will be hard not to be able to find hotels, accommodation, restaurants and shows. Everybody who came to New York, had a reason to do it, and we hope that you will have it as well.